Committed To Fitness: Training And Continuing Education For Yoga Teachers

Yoga blends spiritual, athletic and artistic disciplines. It promotes health and relaxation through the practices of calming the mind, controlling breathing, and conditioning the body. Students who are serious about fitness and consistent yoga practice can receive training and continuing education for yoga teachers.

How to Become a Yoga Instructor

Individuals who are interested in becoming yoga instructors should be committed to their yoga practice with concentration on the poses (asanas). Dedicated students will have one or more asanas mastered. However, becoming a yoga teacher is not all about mastering the poses. Yoga is part of a spiritual path. Those seeking to lead others in yoga should be balanced and grounded both spiritually and physically. Yoga instructors are beacons and shed light for their students as they guide them on the path of self-discovery.

What to Consider

Find a mentor – Teachers are always learning and thus, are always students. Find an experienced mentor to assist with continued personal growth and skill development. The yoga mentor can be a personal yoga mentor, outside the facility conducting the yoga instructor training.

Know and understand the reasons for wanting to become an instructor – Yoga is a wonderful art that can be shared for the simple joy of sharing. Yet, individuals who will be using yoga teaching as the sole or main source of income should consider the following:

Financial investment for training

Whether to work for someone else or open their own business

Liability insurance


Continuing education

Ensure that training fits the desired career/personal goals

Become a Yoga Instructor

Research courses and schools online or in-person

Select and enroll in a program that meets the personal criteria for budget, ultimate goal, and style

Maintain yoga proficiency and master any principles required for entrance into the selected program

Complete program and obtain certification/diploma

Yoga Teacher Certification/Registration

Students who wish to become a registered yoga teacher should ensure that the training they complete meets the requirement for this credential. Currently no state has a licensing board for yoga instructors. There are a number of organizations that offer certifications. Also, a student can voluntarily choose to be listed with a registry to show that they have attended an approved program and met the required number of training hours.

Continuing Education

Continuing education is an important aspect of professional development. All yoga instructors should stay abreast of the latest advancements and trends for the industry. There are a variety of programs offering yoga training and continuing education. Students should ensure that agencies offering continuing education are composed of highly experienced board members, concerned with the promotion and evolution of yoga training standards and offer additional benefits or other services to its registered members. Continuing education can be achieved by attending classes, conferences, workshops, and study groups. Teachers can also receive continuing education through distance learning. As the yoga industry continues to evolve, yoga instructors must enhance their professional development. Continuing education will allow yoga teachers to evolve with the industry while providing safe and up-to-date training for their students.