Are Your Choices in Life Made For All the Right Reasons?

*     Why are you doing the things you are currently doing?

*     What is motivating you to go to your JOB each and every day?

*     Why do you overeat at every meal?

*     Why do you sit watching the TV every night instead of going for that walk you always talk about?

The questions could go on and on….but do we really ask ourselves these questions with the view to actually answering them.  Most of us just make off-the-cuff comments about the way we conduct our lives.  Yes, we halfheartedly ask the questions but do nothing to come up with meaningful answers.

For us to properly answer any of these types of questions, we have to understand why we are doing certain things.  Let’s just take the second question as an example.  What is the motivating force that has you going back every day to your JOB, whatever that might be?   You could be a teacher or you could be a six-figure income earner in a top corporate company.  It makes no difference what your job is when it comes to personal self-examination.

Obviously, you are the only one that can accurately answer the question, but here are some possible reasons, depending on the particular job you have:

*     You have no education, so this is all you are qualified to do;

*     This was the profession your father was in and you went to University to get the proper education to qualify;

*     You have a family to provide for so you have to feel safe and secure in your job;

*     You need to know a certain amount of money is coming in every week to pay your bills;

*     There is a lot of prestige that goes along with your position;

*     People in the community respect you and that makes you feel good.

These are just a few examples….there are many more reasons that have you going each day to the same job. 

The question now is whether you are going there for all the right reasons.  Most people think they are in full control of their lives, when in actual fact, life is just happening to them and it is not a result of any meaningful thoughts or actions on their part.

Probably one of the first questions to ask yourself in relation to your job is whether this is really and truly what you want to be doing with your life.  If you could be anything you wanted to be, without having to worry about finances and other factors, what would you be?  What was your dream as a child or a young person and why did you veer away from that dream?

I am not saying that you can instantly make major changes in your life but unless you ask these crucial questions, you are probably never going to achieve the things that are truly in your heart.  You might not be able to make a huge leap at the present time, but I am sure that there would be some step you could take in the right direction.  I recall a story about a woman who longed to be a pianist as a youngster but, as is often the case, life happened.  Before she knew it, she was married and had a few children to care for.  She had a part-time job at a local grocery store. 

She went through this exercise and realized that her dream of being a pianist was still there.  She then made the conscious decision to sign up for piano lessons and little by little she became more and more proficient at playing the piano.  Soon she was playing on Sunday at her local church and later she was invited to play at a few concerts.  She is continuing to improve and is looking forward to actually becoming a piano teacher herself and she says she could not be any happier.  She will be able to work from her home and therefore there will be little to no disruption in her ability to take care of her family.

Until we engage in some self-examination, it’s not likely that our lives with change in any measurable way and we will continue to be like fallen leaves just blowing aimlessly in the wind.

So let’s do everything for all the right reasons and our lives will certainly then be meaningful and fulfilled.