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Early Childhood Education Is The Essential Foundation For All That Follows

Early childhood education begins at birth, or possibly even before it. It may be defined for the purposes of this article as the education provided for children before they enter a formal system of compulsory education. In most cases parents who provide formal childhood education have little professional training in how to conduct early childhood education.

One of the most important aspects in the lives of most people is the creation of a family with its attendant challenges of early childhood education. Ironically, few school curricula have anything about this. There is much ado about sex education and education for work, but little about how to be a parent.

By the age of two or three most children have learned to speak effectively. This is the greatest intellectual feat that they will accomplish in their lives and is an outcome of early childhood education. It involves the ability to apply complicated grammatical rules to every utterance. Although the mother tongue may be learnt without any apparent effort, it is in reality a consequence of early childhood education.

Parents who talk gently and sympathetically to their offspring are engaging in early childhood education. Human beings have what Chomsky called a language acquisition device which is the capability to learn human language. The learning process is greatly enhanced by the attitude of parents to their children in the context of early childhood education.

Readiness is an important concept in education. No-one can learn unless he or she is ready to learn and that readiness occurs at various stages of development. If the means to learn something are absent when a child is ready that thing may never be learned subsequently. This has been confirmed many times in the cases of feral children who have been denied the opportunity to learn their language in babyhood. Their lives are blighted forever.

In between feral children and child prodigies there are many gradations of treatment meted out to children. Work done by Bernstein many years ago illustrated how mothers determined the success or failure of their children when it came to secondary education. Those who took the trouble to reason gently with toddlers and answered all questions diligently produce successful secondary school pupils. Those who ignored their toddlers or told them to keep quiet, tended to produce scholastic failures.

The world opens like a wondrous place for young children. Mothers and fathers have the wonderful opportunity to relive their own excitement and joy through the eyes of their beloved offspring. By providing emotional stability and language for their children they give them the gift of normal life. The importance of early childhood eduction can hardly be overestimated.

Fitness Schools – Obtaining the Necessary Education for a Career

Staying physically fit and healthy is a goal for many but most individuals need guidance and help to stay focused. Fitness professionals help individuals exercise correctly and reach their health goals. Fitness schools and training programs provide students with many opportunities in obtaining the necessary education for a career in fitness.

Programs offered by vocational colleges are often very similar and train students on several key components. Anatomy, nutrition, and physiology are the foundations to any fitness program. Educational opportunities are available at the associate’s degree level and many fitness schools provide certificate programs. Obtaining the proper schooling to enter careers takes time and dedication by students. The general steps taken to complete training can act as a guideline for students pursuing their career objectives.

*Step One: Be Physically Fit and Study Fitness

Being a part of this industry requires professionals to stay in good physical shape and maintain a healthy diet. The goal in this is to be able to demonstrate to clients and athletes how to live a healthy lifestyle. Students also gain the physical endurance needed to work in fitness. This step should be completed while obtaining an education. Students learn through studying how to model exercises and fitness practices. Fitness schools and colleges teach students to understand the effects of exercise on the body. This includes understanding the mind’s reaction to effort put forth during a workout. Along with studying nutrition, kinesiology and exercise principles students also learn motivational concepts used to help clients succeed.

The field offers students several degree program options that allow them to enter a variety of careers. For example, students can complete programs in sports medicine. The focus of training teaches ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat injuries sustained while playing sports. The health risks associated with playing sports and injury prevention techniques used are explored inside programs. Sports law, exercise leadership, and weight management are common courses included in learning. Inside fitness schools students can also study the effects of exercise on the body inside personal training programs. Students explore the health risks of exercise for people with heart disease and other physical problems. Muscular fitness, body composition, muscle movement and rehabilitative therapy courses are topics covered as students learn to work with individuals on their personal health. Athletic and fitness training are other programs offered.

*Step Two: Obtain Certification

Fitness schools and programs prepare students to become certified in their concentration upon graduation. Many organizations administer examinations so students need to ensure they research the required certification for their area. The American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine are some organizations that offer certification. Professionals are required to re-certify every two-years to be eligible for work. Attending seminars and courses that teach students new techniques is typically the requirements for re-certification.

Once these two main steps are completed students can enter careers where they work in medical facilities, fitness centers, health clubs, spas, and more. Training is only offered at the undergraduate level when attending vocational schools. Students can continue education inside traditional schools to advance their careers. Training is offered at numerous fitness schools that are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( ) and other agencies, so students should choose a program and start learning about fitness.

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Astrology Forecast For September 2009 – Virgo – General For All Sun Signs

Virgo’s energy, from August 24th through September 22nd, inspires us to be optimistic and to reconsider our philosophy of life. It is time to educate ourselves. Newly acquired knowledge can pave the way toward living our ideals.

We also need to learn how the energies of Virgo can benefit all of us. Each Sun sign has its own time and power. As the energies unfold, it is there for all of us to embrace as our own. The energies are like a surfer catching a good wave. Depending on your knowledge and skill level, it can overtake you, or you can ride it.

Virgo is known as the sign of the teacher. It’s not by accident that school begins during September, as education is governed by Virgo. Consciously embrace the love and idealism that pours through your body during this month.

Energies of Virgo:

Love energy is dominate during Virgo. In the beginning, you may be too self centered, with only enough love for yourself. As the pendulum swings, you might become so loving toward others that you become sacrificial and forget to include yourself. Mature love will balance the love you have for yourself and others in your life.

Love is the scariest of all the energies. In Virgo, you receive the energy more in your mind and your physical body. Love is the great connector. It is the pure and innocent part of us, the child in us before we become jaded. Allow your love to mature without shutting it out and you will reap the benefits.

Idealism energy also dominates during Virgo. This is the optimism in us that keeps us going forward, knowing that it will all turn out okay no matter how it looks now.

Idealism will lead you toward the spiritual part of yourself which can be through many different methods such as; traditional religions, shamanism, spirituality, metaphysical or new age.

True idealism always leads us into service, helping those that are weaker.


Virgo is known as the “Teacher” sign. Virgo’s virtues are; innocence, thorough, precise, perfectionist, devotional, faith, idealistic, integrity, understanding, loving, kind, service, patience, goodness, sensitivity and intelligent.


Your negative characteristics are really just your positive qualities that are not yet balanced. That just means your vices are still in progress and haven’t yet matured into the virtues they will become.

Virgo’s vices are; fussy, worrier, literal, exacting to the point of being controlling, critical, confusing, too serious, rigid, clinging in relationships, zealot in your views, often dull and not much fun.


Utilizing the energies during Virgo, this is the perfect time to really assess your body and your health. Have a physical, get blood tests done or take a new class where you learn mentally how to take the best possible care of yourself.

How about taking new classes at the gym in order to take your physical body to the next step of mastery? At least get out and walk, keeping the mind and body in motion. You can always listen to study tapes as you walk so you are exercising both your mind and your body.

Intimate Relationships

As service or helping others is paramount during Virgo, appraise your situation. Are you self-centered, wanting your partner to take care of you, or are you sacrificial taking care of your partner’s needs with no regard for your own? Do a self-evaluation and move toward a balance.

It’s also a great time for sex! Research has found that besides the brain, our second most important organ for preventing aging is our sexual organs. So, if you feel sexy, you are right in the groove this month. Act on it. It’s a great way to stay young.


Many times those in service are so busy helping others, that their own family is ignored. Since we are a world made up of families, our first service should always begin at home.

If you have been so controlling that your family members turn you off when you speak, really evaluate yourself. This is a good time to inspire members of your family to share their thoughts and what they have learned. You can find satisfaction helping them by opening the lines of communication.

And don’t forget that Virgo is about health. What kind of health plan does your family have? Even if you have a good health plan, you do not want to be dependent on others for your family’s health. Through the right kind of food, physical exercise, and good family support of each other, you can be pro-active when it comes to your family’s health.


As an employee, provide the service that you are being paid for. Always document what you do in case you want to leave someday and turn your job over to someone else. Virgo is all about documentation, manuals and booklets. Your employer may benefit from your skill in this area. It’s the perfect time to suggest that all jobs be documented for ease of training new employees.

In order for a business to be viable, it must serve a need through products or service. As an employer, this is the best time to assess your company’s philosophy. Is your Mission Statement inspirational to your employees and to your customers? It should be clear and concise.

Since Virgo is about health, it’s time to assess your health care plan for your employees. If you are a small company, take a personal interest in the health of your employees by keeping them informed on health care issues, preventative care and current events regarding health care.

Look into alternative ways, like leasing people to work for you. The leasing company is supposed to provide health care. There are many options. Make sure you are on top of the health care in your workplace during this month.

If you are a consultant, you are most likely responsible for your own health care plan. Make sure you are taking care of yourself health wise.


Service is all about giving back by getting involved in the community at a local, state or federal level. You may think you are too busy taking care of your own family. Your first service is to your family at home. We are a nation made up of families. Get involved at your local school helping teachers with over loaded classrooms.

Right now in these economic and really changing times, you can always email those that make the laws in your community, state or nation. Speak up.