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Can You Get a Scholarship With a GED? Online Scholarship Resources For All Students

If you’re a single mom and you were unable to complete high school, you may have found the time and ability to return and get your GED, and now you’d like to go to college and continue your education. But you know that college is expensive, and you’ll need some financial assistance. It’s important for you to know that you do not have to resort to student loans. You can still qualify for many scholarships with a GED.

Your GED is proof that you completed your studies despite the busy schedule created from raising your family. You’ve shown that you are dedicated to your education not only by completing your GED but also by applying for college. You have just as much merit as someone who stayed and graduated, and you should be proud of your ambition.

In fact, you can qualify for a number of different scholarships and grants simply by being a single mom! Of course, you must have either a diploma or GED as your first requirement before attending college, but beyond that, the traits and abilities you can be rewarded for are almost endless. If you do come across a scholarship that requires only a diploma, do not get discouraged. Keep looking. Many foundations and companies are very willing to help fund your education for you.

You’re taking an important step in improving life for both you and your family, so it is always worth the time and effort to search and apply for every scholarship you can find. Don’t use student loans as anything but a last resort; your GED will open many doors for you.



“There’s a Season for All” by Sammy Shu – Book Review

There’s a Season for All
by Sammy Shu

Silver Rose Publishing (2006)

ISBN 9780977821105

The queen of Tween Land has four daughters. The name of Tweenland is a play on words because a tween is somewhere between being a child and being an adult. The princesses were all born just hours apart and they all are different from each other. They have definite characteristics unique to them. Winter has hair the color of snow and blue wings. Spring is a lover of life and she has red wings. Summer has the coloring of a sunflower and eyes colored like grass. Fall is the youngest with orange hair and brown eyes. Each of the sisters thought they should be in control. But when you have 4 fairies all wanting to be the boss, disharmony will result. This book talks about harmony and working together.

I really liked the brightly colored pages and facial expressions on the girls’ faces. Sammy Shu has a way of describing their personalities and strengths. Carl Cone’s illustrations really bring the text to life. “There’s a Season for All” is a beautiful book both in its storyline and pictures.

The author of “There’s a Season for All” resides in Denver, Colorado with her family. Sammy Shu finished her first children’s book in 1992 and fell in love with the genre. She is now an accomplished author, with nine children’s books to her name. She is currently working a darker fairy tale for teens and young adults, titled, “The Legend of the Vampire Fairies.”

Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 9) for Reader Views (4/07)