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Sex Education For Couples – A Fun and Practical Approach

Your parents gave you the best sex education for couples and taught you everything you ever needed or wanted to know about sex…..right? Probably not and so most of us are left with allot of experimenting and wondering about our sexuality, especially after we have been with the same partner for any length of time.

I remember a client who came to see me who was feeling confusion about his sexual feelings. At a young age He had been forced to do sexual acts with one of his father’s male friends. The experience left him confused by a sense of needing “affection” from men in that way, even though he was happily married with three kids.

The point is, sex education for couples is more than just about our bodies and the erotica surrounding intercourse. We are all deeply influenced by our peers, the media, and especially our early experiences. Where then do couples get the information and advice they need? Most of us would dearly love to have a wise older person to lean on and bend our ear. That is rare, but there are ancient traditions that focused on mastering sex and intimate arts.

In these teachings are practical and fun techniques that are useful to modern couples. We all want to regain the fire in our relationships and to rediscover the magic of being playmates at sex. You might also discover that adults sex education lessons also instantly improve other aspects of your relationship.

  • For men: imagine having complete control of when you want to ejaculate
  • And for Women: imagine discovering secrets to expand your sexual magic and orgasmic potential. Wouldn’t that be nice? Being able to increase your sexual desire and joy of sex while also extending your orgasmic pleasure.
  • You can both discover how to balance differences in libido.
  • Discover how to explore and expand the amount of sexual pleasure you can experience and bring to each other.
  • Learn how to maintain exciting sexual passion and keep love alive in a committed relationship while managing the stress of life, work and family.

When it comes to sex, reading about it is boring. So When singles and couples see me about sexual issues, I encourage a fun and practical approach to learning more about sex. Having knowledge and wisdom about sex is a true gift to share as a couple and as a peer to others and younger people who may not find the greatest advice elsewhere.

Dubai Hotels and Holidays for All the Family

Dubai offers a heady cocktail of year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, upmarket shopping and impressive tourist attractions. It welcomes millions of visitors each year from around the globe. This month, visitors will be checking in to Dubai hotels for the UAE’s annual 40th National Day Celebrations, which gives citizens and residents the chance to unite to celebrate and reflect on their lives in the Emirates.

On 2 December 2011, the UAE celebrates its 40th anniversary, and the celebrations will feature a series of diverse and exciting events and projects across the city and the six other Emirates. The Dubai Air Show from 13 to 17 November at the Airport Expo, is a key event which will feature the first ever UAE aerobatic team, presented by the largest exhibitor ever from the UAE – Mubadala.

The Five Ability Race on 25 November at Habtoor Grand, features the participation of seven teams representing the seven Emirates, recalling the pre-oil era, while Generations of UAE Poetry from 28 November to 3 December at Cross-Emirate, will feature operetta by poet Ahmed Al Shamsi, and will be broadcast on more than three radio stations.

And those interested in culture won’t want to miss the Photo Gallery and Folk Art Display on 30 November at the Ministry of Finance, Al Shindgha.

Along with the National Day Celebrations, most visitors will want to leave the comfort of their hotels and visit some of Dubai’s many other excellent attractions. For an amazing display of light, music and water, get along to the Dubai Water Fountains. Set on the 30 acre Burj Khalifa Lake, the fountain shoots jets as high as the equivalent of a 50 storey building.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo offers great fun for all the family and combines the largest viewing panel on the planet, an aquarium tank and tunnel and the new ‘Jewels of Arabia’ showcase, which features aquatic animals and creepy crawlies from local habitats, diverse species from ocean, reef and shore, and a range of informative educational activities.

A sight-seeing essential and the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa, is located in downtown Dubai and surrounded by hotels and must-visit shopping destinations. There’s also an outdoor observation deck on level 124 which features the ‘Behold Telescope’, enabling visitors to view the surrounding landscape.

Make sure your holiday goes with a splash at the largest water park in the Middle East; set in 42 acres, Aquaventure Water Park is situated at Atlantis The Palm Hotel and Resort. There’s water slides, river rides, 700 metres of private beach and a huge family play-structure to keep the kids entertained.

With a range of hotel accommodation from affordable to opulent, it’s easy to track down some great Dubai hotel deals whatever your budget. Offering excellent value for money and comfortable accommodation, the two star Queens Hotel is located in the Deira district of Dubai, or alternatively blow the budget at Rose Rayhaan By Rotana, a 4 star luxury hotel in Dubai city which is recognised as the world’s tallest hotel, and boasts a stunning outdoor pool and 24 hour service.

Should University Education Be Free For All?

Education is the most critical and pressing issue for the development of any country and more and more reforms are brought in this sector with the passage of time. No one denies the sheer role and significance of education in making a better nation and a progressive world. Where many people manage to get primary and secondary education, provided free in most of the countries, it is difficult to most in getting themselves equipped with the higher or university education due to the high cost/fee. Hence, there has always been this debate of whether the university education should be free for all.

For most of the people say that it should be free as getting knowledge is a basic right and it should not come with a price tag. Most of the people cannot afford the huge cost of higher education and many of the future Einstein and Marx are wasting their abilities and talents due to the inaccessibility to the universities and university education which makes education a privilege of a particular class instead of everyone’s basic right. When more people get higher education, there will be more jobs available for them and the rate of unemployment will be reduced alleviating the poverty in the society and leading it towards advancement and prosperity. Another argument for the free university education goes with the principle of equality where everyone has a right to have equal opportunity and in making university education free, this principle of equality can be fulfilled in converting it into a reality on pragmatic grounds out of the antique box of theory. If higher education is free, thousands of young boys and girls would be able to get education instead of bearing the burden of part time jobs in fulfilling the university expanses.

There is other side of the coin too and which is not in favor of free university education that brings gargantuan burden on the shoulders of the government.

There is a lot of investment required and the cost of higher education is too high that it becomes indispensable for the people to share some of the burden of the state which does not have ample resources and money for free university education. Though there can be, as there are, more special students loans and scholarships in aid of the students who cannot afford the cost of higher education. Another argument is that if university education is free, there will be a descend in the value of higher education as there will be less money to pay for the professors and staff and many other university resources (related to technical education at higher level). Hence there is a danger of a low quality education once it has been made free for all like water in an ocean.

To conclude, where we can see many hurdles in the way of free university education we can also see the example of Germany in making its higher education free. Much can be learnt from the Germany’s experience or experimentation (hitherto to see) in making university education free for all.