Chanakya – Management Guru for All Times

Chanakya, Son of Chanaka got this name from his Father. His original name was Vishnu Gupta and also popularly known as Kautilya through his family name (Gothra). Politics, Crime and Punishment, Artha Sastra – Whatever may be the lesson, Chanakya is the one and only Master in the ancient Indian University of Takshasila. Chanakya’s teachings are relevant even today, especially in these days of turbulence and turmoil in the global corporate world due to many reasons like recession and attrition.

The following are some of the teachings of Chankaya on different topics, which we can interpret to the modern world.

Chankaya teaches on conservation of every kind of resources. Catch hold of every drop of water to fill the pot. If you concentrate on every lesson, it will become your education. If you can save every paisa, it will make you rich. If you do good things, you will be praised as righteous person.

A man has to undertake many activities in his life time. How to perform these activities to achieve success? Chanakya says: Do penance alone. Study always with one more person as company. Learn music with three persons with you. When you are visiting a new place, go with four people. You should have five people for farming. Go to war with thousands of people.

‘Priya Vaadino Na Satruhu’. A person with sweet words will have no enemies. A word is the base for all human relations. A word will fetch you friends. A word will create enemies for you. You should live in this world without hurting others and get hurt. This kind of person will have no enemies in this world. He is the final Winner.

With regard to the anger of public, Chankaya says, if people are angry against the Government, it will lead to unrest in the country. Rulers have to take up social welfare activities. They have to create jobs for the unemployed. They have to create trust on the system.

On human relations Chanakya says, Enmity with fools is more dangerous. Enmity with friends is dangerous. Enmity with Gurus will deprive you of knowledge. You have to be friendly with everybody.

He is the friend, who always follows you, whether you are proudly going to the court of King or sadly going to the burial ground.

You have to have food after feeding your family, relatives, guests, poor and people in distress and that food will equal to nectar.

Ill health is more dangerous than enemy. It will kill you, when you are not alert. Limitless eating will lead to indigestion. Limiting your intake of food is always good for health.

Chankya says: you can learn lot of lessons from animals. A lion always eats the food by hunting. It never craves for leftover food. A crane will hunt to just fill its stomach. It will not be greedy. A Hen will wake up early in the morning. It will never be lazy. A dog always obeys his Master and trustworthy. A donkey’s patience is always ideal to follow. A crow will always call its fellow crows to share the food available. You can learn many things like this, from the animals living in this world.

Thus, Chankaya’s unique way of teaching is relevant even today which is followed worldwide by many Companies across the globe to train their employees in Leadership qualities, people management skills and problem solving techniques.

Continuing Education For Those Over 50

You’re never too old to learn, and continuing education options are available for seniors. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t learn new skills. Many programs are specifically designed for seniors. They make learning fun and enjoyable, and who doesn’t like learning new things?

If you’re a senior and interested in continuing education options, start by looking at the many opportunities offered by AARP. AARP represents people who are 50 years old and older. They focus is on improving life for older individuals. They not only strive to influence government policy on issues that impact older Americans, they also work to improve the quality of life for those over 50.

The continuing education options offered by AARP are impressive. For instance, you can take classes on Computers and Technology. Along with hints and tips on how to use your computer effectively, you can take both beginning and intermediate classes on using the Internet.

Other classes are offered on how to manage your money and increase your personal wealth. They also offer classes and instruction on how to look after your health. Explore their website for more information on the continuing education opportunities they offer.

Many cities offer continuing education classes for seniors. Local senior citizen centers often sponsor classes on everything from cooking to basic home repair and car maintenance. Some offer classes on using computers, including instruction on how to use the latest programs.

Interested in learning a new craft? Some continuing education classes offered by local cities include practical crafts such as woodworking, knitting, sewing, and painting. Check with your local community center and see what they have to offer. Many cities not only offer programmes at the community center, they also offer online classes you can take from home.

Libraries also often offer continuing education classes. These classes frequently are created to help patrons master new skills. Some libraries offer classes on areas such as using technology, understanding the latest computer programs, mastering time-management, and managing your health. Libraries often bring in speakers to help patrons learn new skills. Ask your local library for a list of upcoming classes.In addition to live classes held at your library, you can also find hundreds of resources to help you learn new skills. Libraries carry books, CDs, DVDs, and computer programs to help you learn new talents and skills. Many libraries these days also offer online books so you can learn without ever leaving your house. Contact your local library to see what they have available. You may be surprised at how many continuing education offerings local libraries now have.

Want to earn a college degree or take a few classes? Community colleges are the best location to find continuing education classes. These colleges work hard to create meaningful classes for all age groups. You can earn a degree or simply take a few classes to keep your skills up to date.

Learning is a life-long mind set, and you should never give up your desire to learn more about the world around you. Continuing education classes let you keep learning and developing. Don’t let your age stop you from learning.

Education For Freedom Or Training For Slavery?

“Only the educated are free.” ~Epictetus

I was a teacher for more than ten years. I loved teaching and learning and for that reason I went back to school way too many time to mention. With all this “education” and teaching, I eventually realized that there was a disconnect between education and future success after graduation.

I also read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and more importantly his earlier book, If You Want To Be Rich And Happy Don’t Go To School. I agreed with his criticisms about the education establishment: that schools fail to teach financial education, that schools actually harm students when they reward actions that are detrimental to future success and punish actions and habits that are vital to success.

What do schools really want to accomplish? Their failure is their success.

I could go on about how schools manipulate students, kill the wonder and the spirits of children, teach them to glorify the state, and to expect the government to provide for everything.

School failures are actually successes, because schools are rewarded with more power and money as scores fall and illiteracy increases. The state gains by having a more docile and ignorant population of workers. In no way does the education establishment encourage students to learn anything about freedom and liberty, instead they learn to idolize democracy, believing that to be the equivalent of freedom.

The Purpose of Liberal Education

The Classical Liberal Arts were once the education of the elite from modern times to the the free men of ancient Greece. The ancient Romans and Greeks had education for the Free and training for slaves and servants. Most of what goes for education is training to serve. It is not to make students free. It is to make them good workers and good followers. Liberal Education’s purpose is to make you free, certainly not to make you a good or even highly paid serf. Today, however, few receive this education and those who do are notoriously underpaid. They may have free minds. They may have more flexibility in what they can do, but they do not have the skills to do specialized jobs with the better pay.

The Purpose of Training

Specialized or technical education leads to better pay but also leads students to actual serfdom or slavery. The only question is on what level of serfdom would the student attain? Would they be well paid and respected serfs or underpaid and despised serfs.

It may be obvious that a worker on a manufacturing line could be a slave to a system, but many may be surprised to think of a doctor, lawyer or engineer as a serf, better paid, but a serf nevertheless. Many are so in debt and can do nothing else but what they were trained for and have no choice but to remain in careers they hate.

A highly paid doctor could be just as trapped as a coal miner in Appalachia, or an office worker in a drab cubicle. Debt and training have brought them to dead ends where they feel there is no escape. Whatever the income, they are not free. Their education or training did not lead them to freedom but to slavery.

However, in most cases both forms of education do not lead to freedom. Graduates are trapped by debt and training that prevents them from later seeing new possibilities and options.

While I do believe that the a liberal education is important if not vital, because it stretches the mind, develops reason and imagination, and most importantly teaches students how to learn, I also believe that learning a skill to gain financial independence and the leisure for continued self development is the other key to reaching true freedom.

We are going through major economic, political, and social changes. Relying on the government is not only foolish, it is dangerous to your freedom and future. It is imperative that you begin to find ways to take control of your financial life, learn to think for yourself, and to actually live a life worth living.

Recommended Books:

If You Want To Be Rich And Happy Don’t Go To School by Robert Kiyosaki

The Sovereign Individual by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg